About Us

The Spices is a well-known take-out in the city of Burlington due to the long history of loyal customers, excellent service, and mouth-watering dishes. Syed Fazlul Bakht and Syed Amdadul Bakht founded The Spices on 25 August 2000. The name was derived from the rich flavours, herbs, and spices required in each dish.

Syed Fazlul Bakht, the co-founder of Gate of India, was very well acquainted to Burlington and was eager to establish a new Indian cuisine in Burlington. His brother, Syed Amdadul Bakht, has worked at several Indian cuisines throughout North America, and was also one of the chefs at Gate of India. Together, they thought of ways to start this new venture in mind.

The Spices was born from renovating an old pizza store on Brant St into an Indian take-out. The two Bakht brothers combined their customer service skills and handy cooking talent together; and formed the best Indian cuisine in Burlington. Today, Syed Amdadul Bakht runs the establishment and is the Head Chef at the take-out - working hard every day, determined to build on the loyal fan base - by continuing to provide the great customer service along with the flavoursome food!