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The Spices has very fine Indian to go

The Spices
The Spices Indian Take Out in Burlington has a
'wizard' in the kitchen with the polao.

Hamilton Spectator, By Dan Kislenko
28 December 2013

The vast majority of restaurants I review are new to me. I have never tasted their food before.

The Spices, an Indian restaurant in Burlington that does strictly takeout, is different. It's pretty close to home, so we get meals on busy nights on a somewhat regular basis throughout the year. I've covered a fair chunk of their menu over time, and decided this was an ideal place to wrap up my December series on takeout around the area for people who have other priorities in the holiday season (think New Year's Eve; they're open until 9:30 p.m. but you must call and order at least one hour before you want your food that day).

The reason I keep going back is the food is really good. Whoever is cooking in the back is a wizard with polao, the basmati rice dish that is dressed up here in a half dozen different ways (The Spices' biryanis are also excellent, but the polaos win out in my book; the kashmiri version with dried fruits and the omelette polao with shredded egg are particularly noteworthy).

Typical of restaurants that feature cuisines from across India, the menu is vegetarian friendly, offers lots of chicken and lamb dishes from very mild to truly tongue-numbing fiery (pall, which is even hotter than vindaloo), and all the sundries and accents you expect.

We started this meal with vegetable samosas ($1.95 for two). They were large, the pastry was crisp and not greasy, and the carrot, potato and peas that made the filling were nicely curried and went beautifully with the sweet/sour tamarind dipping sauce.

Next up were the "main" dishes.

Butter Chicken ($9.25). One of the staples of any Indian menu. All the chicken at The Spices has been deboned, which is a nice touch. In this mildest preparation, the pieces first go into the clay tandoor oven to take on a smoky edge, then they are simmered in a sauce of cream, spices and raisins. The chicken is tender, the sauce is thick and spiked with coconut, the raisins add a nice contrast of texture and sweetness.

We weren't in the mood for anything too spicy on this evening, so opted for the Lamb Jalfrezi ($10.25), which is described as "medium." Good choice as I couldn't have managed anything much hotter. The chunks of lean, tender lamb luxuriated in a thick sauce that offered a distinct fresh chili heat and refreshing bite of ginger.

Shrimp tandoori ($10.50). This was the first time I'd tried one of The Spices' numerous shrimp dishes. Keeping shrimp moist in the hot tandoor is certainly a challenge, and I found these, while nicely seasoned and with a sea-briny flavour, were a touch rubbery.

Chana polao ($6.25). Another first, one of their terrific polaos of basmati cooked this time with whole chickpeas that gave the dish a hearty feeling. The rice was fluffy as always, the fried onions were crispy, and the curry seasoning was strong on the turmeric component. Add this one to the list of hits.

And you simply can't eat Indian without naan bread to sop up the gravy from other dishes.

Naan bread ($2.25). Back to the tandoor, where the vaguely sweet dough is rolled thin and bakes directly on the clay sides. A few spots on the crust were browned (my favourite) and the inside was fluffy.

Papadum ($1.25 for two). The Spices has the best papadums I've tried anywhere. I don't know if they make them or bring them in, but they're always delicious. They are made of chickpea flour and baked crisp, so you break off pieces to nibble. There was a nice bite of cracked pepper in the mix, and I really liked the fact they packed the papadums separately so they stayed relatively intact and weren't crunched into crumbs by the weight of the other food.

So, another visit to The Spices, and another satisfying meal.

It really is great to find a restaurant you can rely on time after time, even if you can't sit down and eat there.

The Spices

814 Brant St., Burlington

The look: Spartan takeout room
The feel: Businesslike and quick
Hours: Monday to Friday noon to 9:30 p.m., Saturday 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Sunday 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

What you'll pay: Mulligatawny soup is $2.25. The half tandoori chicken with basmati rice is $9.25. Vegetable biryani rice with almonds and raisins is $8.50. Fish curry is $9.25. Tarka Dall (simmered red lentils) is $6.25. Beef curry is $9.25. Spicy sweet and sour vegetables dhansak is $6.75.

The shop is wheelchair accessible.

Newspaper article in the "Living > Food" section of the Hamilton Spectator, 2013.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

The Spices
Owner of The Spices, Amdadul Bakht, welcomes
you to try a new kind of dining experience.

If you are getting tired of always resorting to the same old standby routine of pizza, chicken wings, burgers, and fries, then it's time to add a little spice to your life.

For a truly unique and mouth-watering dining experience, The Spices is the place to satisfy your palette.

Located at Brant and Prospect Streets, The Spices has been catering to satisfied customers since August 2001. They specialise in authentic Indian take-out food, and with over 90 items on the menu, there is plenty of variety. Included in this extensive menu are favourites such as Butter Chicken, a mild dish made from tender roasted chicken cooked with cream, almonds, and raisins. For those watching your waistline, fear not, there is no butted used. The Madras Chicken is another popular dish, prepared South Indian style with a medium spicy heat.

A favourite among regulars, the Dhansak dishes are fantastic, a flavourful concoction popular among the Parsi in India. These are available in chicken, lamb, or beef.

For an experience you are sure not to forget, try the shrimp tandoori. Succulent shrimp is baked in the tandoor to perfection and served on a bed of steaming vegetable basmati rice. The tandoori oven, a traditional clay oven from India, is used to prepare many of the meat dishes found in Indian cooking. It is a round, deep oven almost five feet high and is usually fired with charcoal. It is in the tandoori oven that the authentic bread of India, Nan, is freshly made.

If you shy away from Indian cooking because of the spiciness, The Spices is the ideal place for you. Not all the Indian food is spicy hot, and they will make any dish to your level of tolerance. Each menu item at The Spices is made fresh to order, so you can let them know when you place your order exactly how you like it. Indian spices actually have several health benefits, and are used to adjust flavours and taste. What makes a dish hot is the amount of chillies added.

Feel like rewarding yourself during a hard day? Call in to hear the special lunch menu, with items, including rice, starting as low as [$4.75] plus tax.

Free delivery is available [from Open to Close] on food orders over [$25.00] before tax and within the allocated delivery area. The Spices can also help make your special occasions a success - they cater to weddings, anniversaries, and house parties, etc.

To add some spice to your life and parties, call The Spices at 905 631 8888. They are open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 10pm, [on Saturday from 4pm to 10pm, and Sunday from 5pm to 10pm].

Advertorial in the "Dining Entertainment" section of the Burlington Post, 2002.
With latest (logistical) revisions made in May 2011.